Buck Trent Country Music Show - Testimonials - Branson, MO

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This man has a whole lot of charisma and grace.
He greets his fans in the lobby before his show and gets to know a little bit about everybody.
Buck plays a great banjo and has been playing for over fifty years. He’s worked with Roy Clark and Dolly Parton, and many other legendary country music icons.
He spends a lot of time reminiscing about his career.
His music follows the traditional trail.
The band here is quite good. Kenny, who plays bass guitar was also Branson male singer of the year.
There are two fine fiddle players and a piano player who also plays saxophone.
There’s so much fan interaction the crowd is always involved and responding.
This show is a warm fuzzy country show and it’s all Buck Trent’s doing. He has just recovered from a heart by-pass surgery and talks about how grateful he is for surviving.
We would recommend Buck Trent as a feel-good show;Oh Yea, Uh-Huh!

Рbobemac / San Antonio, TX

Buck Trent has assembled a wonderful cast of musicians and entertainers … you’ll like each individual performer but when they play together … WOW! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, your hands will hurt from applauding … and it’s a great way to wake up and start your day! We HAVE to Buck Trent’s show when we go to Branson, otherwise we’re just not as happy while we’re there.

Really, this is a hidden gem of a show. You really need to see Buck and his band of characters/musicians … and since Buck appreciates his fellow entertainers, he’ll mention their names and what city or state they are from more than once just so you’ll know if you come from the same part of this great country that they do. And you’ll hear and see some great country entertainment, too!

– WayneW39 / Branson, MO

This was a last minute pick for a morning show, we were all amazed at how great and fun that this show turned out to be. The entire band was excellent and Buck Trent was great, fun and entertaining. Great country music and comedy.

– BaileyB6109 / Clinton, MS

Admittedly this is not the genre of music I normally attend, but we had friends in town who wanted to go. That said I was very impressed with Mr. Trent’s show and his genuine interest in his audience. Of all the shows I have seen Mr. Trent is the most personable. He did a meet and greet before the show posing for pictures; came out with the band at intermission to sign autographs; and came out alone after the show. I have never seen an entertainer spend so much time with his audience. He even interacted with them during the show based on pre-show conversations. It appeared that everyone there was having a great time. He clearly impressed me as the real deal. The show itself was high energy, funny and entertaining, especially given that it was a morning show. For those that like Grand Old Opry you won’t be disappointed.

– Dan F / Branson, MO

We always try to make it to Buck’s show when we are in Branson. He is so personable, spends time visiting with the people in the lobby before the show and during intermission. Great music and he has the best vocalist in Branson, Kenny Parrot.

– Norma V / Gillman, IL