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3 thoughts on “GET BUCK’S NEW ALBUM NOW!

  1. Kevin Brooks says:

    Thank you for your music and words for Roy Clark today. It was much appreciated. I am so glad I could see Mr. Clark’s send off.

  2. Robert Dyer says:

    At least once a week I’ll watch you and Roy Clark doing Dueling Banjoes on HeeHaw on Youtube.

  3. Rick Ledford says:

    I’m from Spartanburg and grew up in Arcadia. I was thinking about my dad who passed away 15 years ago.He was a bootlegger and when we watched Buc on hee haw,were usually drinking Blue Ribbon beer and Dad would tell me Buck was from Arcadia.I always thought he was pulling my leg (he was a jokester). Imagine my surprise when I found out tonight he was telling the truth! So glad to hear he is in Brnson.Love ya Buck

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