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15 thoughts on “GET BUCK’S NEW ALBUM NOW!

  1. Kevin Brooks says:

    Thank you for your music and words for Roy Clark today. It was much appreciated. I am so glad I could see Mr. Clark’s send off.

  2. Robert Dyer says:

    At least once a week I’ll watch you and Roy Clark doing Dueling Banjoes on HeeHaw on Youtube.

  3. Rick Ledford says:

    I’m from Spartanburg and grew up in Arcadia. I was thinking about my dad who passed away 15 years ago.He was a bootlegger and when we watched Buc on hee haw,were usually drinking Blue Ribbon beer and Dad would tell me Buck was from Arcadia.I always thought he was pulling my leg (he was a jokester). Imagine my surprise when I found out tonight he was telling the truth! So glad to hear he is in Brnson.Love ya Buck

  4. David Franklin Lancaster says:

    Glad to see my friend getting around to the Spartanburg blues. I grew up with Mr. Banjo in Arcadia S.C. I watch Hee Haw every chance I get. Will be making a cruse this February with Buck Trent & Mickey Gilliey. Oh Yea

  5. john Dirkes says:

    Hello Buck . I want to say thank you for your music. I enjoyed seeing you on Hee Haw. I know time goes by so fast and we need to do what we want before its to late. I have wanted to meet you for many years to thank you in person, but now I cant afford to go to far. So i’ll just have to say thank you for your work. John.

  6. sandra k walls says:

    No one else like Buck Trent !! I have followed him forever — 65 + years ?? Was planning on the 2019 trip to Branson just for his show. I last saw him perform in a small town in NE Oklahoma.


  7. Ralph allen says:

    Buck, have really made Spartanburg proud…
    I remember when you were on WORD radio.
    I met you several years ago at your sisters funeral at Floyds I was working
    With them at that time…..

    Ralph Allen th Whitney boy….

  8. Ray Fish says:

    Hello Buck
    Lea and I enjoyed your show every time we visited Branson. We always
    said ” it’s the best way to start the day “. Thanks for all the great shows. We
    also enjoyed your greeting everyone as we entered the theater chatting with
    You and Jean during intermission and saying goodbye after the show. You
    Are the friendliest celebrity we have ever seen. God bless you and Jean
    Lea and Ray Fish

  9. Walter Hutcherson says:

    My wife worked with your mother at Mayfair Mills , Bailey Plant. She still remembers how proud your mother was of you. For ourselves we have enjoyed your music all these years. You have only gotten better, please keep playing we need musicians like you.

  10. Darrell Janes says:

    Buck… Enjoyed seeing you on Dolly’s show.

  11. johnny woodlock says:

    I am a Radio Host of the Sunday Classic Country show The Way Back Country Jamboree here in Kingston, Ontario, Canada i play a lot of your classics and so I am interested in asking you if you would be available for a phone interview about your legendary career in music

    Thanks For You Time, Mr. Johnny Woodlock

  12. Thelma Jean Key says:

    I love your music. I would like to see you and talk to you. I have often wondered where you were and you are still living. We are cousins through your father and my grand father. Do you have a son named Billy. If you would I wish you would send a comment.

  13. Becky Cultrara says:

    So excited you have a new CD out!! I’ve been listening to one of your records for awhile now. Love your music! Can’t wait to get your CD!!!

  14. Caleb Jarmon says:

    Hello, I am clearing songs for The Best Of Country Family Reunion. As it happens one Mr. Trent performed his song Talkin’ Blues in episode 13. According to BMI there is no contact information, just this website. If you could give me a contact to send my request to that would be very helpful.

  15. Levi Collinsworth says:

    Hi, saw you at the Grapevine Opry in 1980. Great Show and I met you afterwards. You were really nice. I was 20. I just turned 60 in July. “We are dust in the Wind”

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