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Buck Trent, two-time Country Music Association Instrumentalist of the Year, shows how he uses the string benders and tuners on the electric banjo he created. He played these signature licks on songs made famous by Porter Wagoner (Buck actually created what has become known as the Porter Wagoner sound), Dolly Parton, Norma Jean, Roy Clark, and others.

Back in Nashville many years ago Buck and Howard White were both staying at Mom Upchurches’ Boarding House. They got to talking about music. Howard showed Buck a bar that he had filed down and was using it as a capo for his steel guitar. Buck noticed that the bar was the same height as the wooden bridge on his banjo. Howard gave him bar and Buck took the bar and adjusted the banjo by taking the wooden bridge and replacing it with the bar. He put 5 grooves in the bar and put it under there; and it really sustained the sound but it had no volume to it. So he got with Shot Jackson of Sho Bud Steel Guitar Company to amplify the electric sound. And a new sound was born!

Buck Trent’s Lick of the Week 5 “Wildwood Flower”

Buck Trent’s Lick of the Week 4 “Banjo Buck”

Buck Trent’s Lick of the Week 3 “Poppin’ Corn”

Buck Trent’s Lick of the Week 2 “Buckin’ The Five”

Buck Trent’s Lick of the Week 1 “I’m Gonna Feed You Now”

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